Portfolio Investment Strategies

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc.’s experienced portfolio management team utilizes actively managed investment strategies for stock and bond portfolios, as well as managed allocation portfolios. We offer a comprehensive range of sound investment programs managed by highly qualified money managers.

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. understands that clients have unique and ever-changing needs. We offer sophisticated portfolio construction and risk management with a variety of strategies to choose from to meet your specific investment goals. We allow flexibility to shift your goals and risk considerations should your investment objectives change.

Our investment process includes a client fact-finding discovery session, portfolio transition and implementation based on your needs and objectives, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. (HAI) employs active-managed investment strategies, which generate portfolio turnover. Realized profits or losses result in tax consequences to investors. HAI model portfolios might not necessarily represent all actual portfolios under management of HAI, individual portfolios may differ slightly or materially from model composites of portfolios. Huntleigh Securities Corporation and its affiliates, officers, employees, directors, stockholders, or customers may hold positions in certain securities contained in portfolios managed by HAI. Information presented and portfolio holdings are subject to change. Actual percentages and holdings may vary from account to account. The information above is not complete and may be changed.