Discover the Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. Difference

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. offers financial professionals the best of both worlds – the autonomy to run your business your way, while also leveraging the operational and back office expertise of a strong, time-tested company.

Whether you prefer a fully independent employment structure or more of a team environment, we provide you with the support you need to move your career forward.

Seize Unique Opportunities

When you join Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. as a financial advisor, you enjoy the advantages of a productive, positive work environment that gives you the opportunity to live your professional and personal life to the fullest. These advantages include:

  • Opportunities for growth and succession/retirement planning support
  • Comprehensive suite of advisory and fee-based product solutions
  • Personalized, responsive compliance department
  • Experienced, full-service back office support

In addition, we offer opportunities for financial professionals to move into the next phase of their careers by learning from and partnering with more seasoned advisors.

Above-Average Compensation Structure

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. offers an above-average compensation structure consistent with our core philosophy of treating our financial professionals with integrity and fairness. You get:

  • Freedom to operate independently without quotas, product promotions, or endless meetings
  • Commission payouts are higher than our industry peers
  • Flat payout structure that is unique in the industry

Technology Solutions

We provide a full-service technology platform that offers operational and technology solutions, risk management and compliance tools, and innovative approaches to help drive business growth. These include:

  • Full suite of business products to help you increase assets and client loyalty
  • World-class advisor workstation that delivers state-of-the art trading, research, client management and reports to drive business efficiency and optimize client service
  • Industry-leading product platform to help you confidently give advice

In addition, you have access to our cutting-edge Envision® retirement planning tool to assist in identifying, prioritizing and organizing your clients’ financial and life goals, and generate a written plan designed to enable them meet their investment targets.

Transition Support

Our experienced back office personnel have the expertise to make the transition to Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. seamless for you and your clients. They will work with you to coordinate all of the administrative and communications details necessary throughout your transition process.

Convenient Location

Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. is conveniently headquartered in the heart of Clayton, Missouri and is within walking distance of popular restaurants and shopping. We also have branch offices in Chesterfield, MO, Belleville, IL, O’Fallon, IL, Memphis, TN, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Getting Started

If you are a financial advisor who values client relationships and providing expert advice across the full wealth management spectrum to secure clients’ financial futures, please contact Greg Overschmidt today at 314-236-2464 or to learn more about how Huntleigh Advisors, Inc. will help you elevate your career.